A New Coffee Maker

We began the hunt for a new coffee maker. Nancy checked prices locally before she ventured online. During the process she discovered one that was priced at a heavily discounted rate. By the time she went to pick it up, the deal was cancelled. She came home frustrated and without a new coffee pot.

I am so glad she struck out in her search. Let me explain. On a couple of mornings during a short span, the counter surrounding the coffee maker had been covered with coffee. We concluded that something was leaking. Our conclusion was dead on. Coffee would not cover the counter instead of filling the pot if all was well.

We had used the pot for a few years. It makes great coffee in a hurry. I can pour fresh water in when I get up and be drinking a cup in less than five minutes. I have actually cut back on my coffee consumption but still enjoy some every morning. Nancy and I were not going to do without coffee due to a pot malfunction. Also, Nancy did not appreciate her counter being covered with coffee. We are at a stage in life where we can afford a new coffee maker when one is needed.

Which gets me to the point of this article. We did not need a new coffee maker. I thought through the situation. If something was leaking inside the appliance, it would be coming from the reservoir and that would be clear water. Coffee would have to be coming from a cracked pot or…my mind was working systematically through the scenario. Or, I was not setting the pot directly under the drip as the coffee was made.

Problem solved. I don’t know how I was doing it, but I had sloppily been placing the pot on the burner in such a way that much of the coffee ran off the side instead of into the pot. When I took my time and centered the pot, no coffee spilled over onto the counter. Nothing was broken. I had just gotten careless.

The same thing happens in some marriages. Nothing breaks. Husband and wife just get careless with their actions and their words. When they slow down and give attention to detail, they realize that what they have is not only functional but wonderful.

Pay attention, Earl

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