Perfect Peace

We are surrounded by multiplied opportunities for anxiety. Our relationship with Jesus makes peace a daily possibility but not a daily guarantee. God’s promises become our possessions when we appropriate them to our lives by faith. When we choose to believe, claim, and apply the promises of God to our own lives, they become real for us in daily living.       

“You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.” God’s people sang this truth about God’s peace in Isaiah 26:3. Notice that the peace is not partial but perfect. The peace is not occasional but constant. The peace is not corporate but individual. The peace is not manufactured by people but maintained by God.

As God’s people, we must do our part to know perfect peace as we live day by day. We must stay our mind on God. That means we must choose to fill our minds with thoughts of God’s goodness, provision, and protection. We must focus on God not circumstances. It is fine to be aware of the world around us while keeping our minds stayed on God – trusting in Him. However, if we are only casually aware of God’s presence while staying our minds on the circumstances of life, we will not experience perfect peace.

If individuals rivet their eyes to the news, as it breaks twenty-four hours each day, they will experience the anxiety of the world not the peace of God. Those who constantly check their dinging phones for the latest negative news will suffer more and more anxiety not because their circumstances are overwhelming but because their minds are not stayed on God.

These are tough days. The spread of the Coronavirus has surpassed most expectations. People are dying. Health care workers are stretched to the limit, as are health care facilities. Many are losing their jobs. Many have lost much from their retirement accounts. Churches are unable to meet together. Schools have gone to remote learning. Things are tense. People are hurting and afraid of what the future holds. I understand and so does God.

Still, in the midst of these tough times, we can know the peace of God that passes all understanding. This, too, will pass. Something else will take its place. There will always be something to worry about. Thankfully, there will also be God, in Whom we can trust and upon Whom we can stay our minds.

I love you, Earl

Happy Easter

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  • This Sundays Sermon “Easter’s Dawn” Luke 24:1-12

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